Indoor Climbing


This is where most beginners learn how to climb as it’s easily accessible, convenient for those with time constraints and a great place to meet future climbing buddies.

Indoor climbing is a man made climbing environment consisting of walls of varying shapes, heights and angles. On these walls are holds ranging from big ones (jugs) to tiny ones (crimpers). Ropes are already in place hanging from pulleys above the climbs which will hold you in place if you need a rest or loose your grip. Indoor climbing is also a great place to train at night or when it’s raining.

Sydney offers a range of indoor climbing gyms but the one we ‘hang out’ at is The Ledge at Sydney University. The Ledge provides a wide selection of easy routes for beginners and harder ones for those who are seeking a challenge. You’ll find us there every Monday night with the cheap entry price of $6 and the free use of a club harness.