[CANCELLED] [FULL] Abseil Skills 2 @ Glenbrook, Blue Mountains

Hello adventurers,

It’s time to take your abseil skills to the next level by learning how to set up an abseil and deploy various knots appropriately. You will also be introduced to prussiks and their applications. This skills session aims to get you confident with rigging abseils and using multiple knots, hitches, and prussiks to conduct yourself safely and efficiently through an abseiling event.

Suppose you are a new trip leader wanting to run roped club trips. Whether climbing, abseiling or canyoning, this workshop is essential in skill progression towards Improvised Rope Rescue.

This will be a full day at Mount Portal Lookout in the lower Blue Mountains. Apart from taking your skills to the next level, there are some truly spectacular views from the lookout.

– You must have done Abseil Skills 1 and attended some abseiling trips.
– If you haven’t done Abseil Skills 1, you must have attended verifiable abseil trips through the club.

Abseil 2 Objectives:
– Maintain safety using a safety line
– Evaluate fixed protection
– Setup basic retrievable abseil
– Abseil using a self-belay
– Tie essential knots and hitches
– Join ropes for long abseil
– Setup anchor on fixed protection
– Setup anchor on natural protection
– Setup fixed abseil
– Perform anchor safety checks

Please include in the comment box below what experience you have.

Chris, Phuong & Johann


This activity is fully booked.