Abseil Skills 2 @ Blue Mountains (FULL)

Hi All,

Keen to progress in up-skillng your abseil skills?
Do you want to be able to assist in setting up abseils on club trips?
Be self-sufficient setting up abseils?
You’ll get to learn and practice all this and more in Abseils Skills 2.
We’ll be running the next workshop at Mt York, Blue Mountains.

If you are are a new trip leader wanting to run roped club trips, whether that be climbing, abseiling or canyoning, this workshop is essential in skill progression towards Improvised Rope Rescue.
New trip leaders will be given priority.

Abseil 2 Objectives:
@Maintain safety using a safety line
@Evaluate fixed protection
@Setup basic retrievable abseil
@Abseil using a self-belay
@Join ropes for long abseil
@Setup anchor on fixed protection
@Setup anchor on natural protection
@Setup fixed abseil
@Perform anchor safety checks

The next skills will be Improvised Rope Rescue (IRR) run in early November.
You should be able to complete the tasks in Abseils 2 before proceeding to IRR.

See all you all the cliffs!


This activity is fully booked.