[POSTPONED;ADVANCED] Flying in the Sky: 200m Single Pitch Abseil

Hi all,

One time wasn’t enough!! So here we go again. We plan on abseiling off walls lookout at Pierces Pass. It is 190m, from the beginning of the rope and all the down to the end. The first half is overhanging, and the second slab. This trip is for experienced abseilers only who can self-belay with a prussik and perform self-rescue if needed. The rope is barely long enough to reach the ground, but where we land is still a steep slope, involving some dodgy scrambling down to the ‘track’.

Here are some resources if you want to check it out:

Enough Rope – 200m abseils

2015.09.05.Lots.of.Rope (Blue Mtns, Australia)

planned route:



Participants are closed for this activity.