Autumn Wanderings – Navigation Skills Part 4 – Advanced Competitive Navigation

Hello Wanderers,

We’re wrapping up these workshops with some more advanced topics relating to navigation competitions. The timing is great since it looks like we’ll be able to test ourselves sooner than later. We’ll focus on orienteering and rogaining, especially the longer duration (8/24hr) ones. I’ve invited a regular comp champion and route-setter – Tristan White.

I’ll briefly touch upon:

  • Route Planning (my personal favorite)
  • Essential equipment (not just map/compass- not carrying certain items could cost you penalty points)
  • Packing (water and nutrition for an endurance sport- Golden Rule)
  • Hazard Management – Your enemies aren’t the wildlife… think sun, heat/cold, damp.
  • Training – Getting physically ready
  • Team Dynamics – Make sure you all want to gain the same experience, not everyone is as gung-ho to trudge on through the mud by moonlight


Guest Speaker: Tristan White, communications for NSW Rogaining Association. I’ll give him 30min, but I’ve asked him not to prepare slides. Feel free to ask/prepare questions (I have a few myself). I expect he’ll have insights for each of the above, and plenty of amazing and/or hilarious stories to share.

As he quoted in a recent NSWRA Newsletter, ‘a great paradox of rogaining “is that on the one hand, it is the sport that people can do if they are too young, old or otherwise unable to do more mainstream sports such as rugby, tennis or running. But on the other hand, championship rogaines can be viewed as one of the craziest, physically & mentally demanding activities on the planet.”’

Hope to see you then. Don’t forget Susan is running a workshop just behind mine, also via zoom. She’s a veteran herself and still getting more impressive each time.



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