Bungonia Hiking, Camping and Climbing!

Gday All,

On the weekend of the 30th we are planning on heading down to Bungonia for a weekend of epic adventure. There will be a climbing on Saturday morning, a 40min hike in the evening to the camp site, an overnight camp, plenty of swimming and then a very serious hike out on Sunday afternoon. If you are not interested in climbing on the Saturday morning I would still encourage you to join us for some hiking and camping. If any other trip leader is interested there are tons of amazing hikes in the area and then you can meet us in the evening.

We will be leaving early on Saturday morning we will be driving to Bungonia National Park and climbing at Reflux Crag (https://www.thecrag.com/climbing/australia/bungonia-gorge/area/11771461). It is mostly intermediate sport climbing graded between a 14 and 20.

In the evening we will be heading down Trestle Track to camp overnight next to the Shoalhaven river. The drive to the trail head is rough and smaller/more delicate cars might want to park at the start of the turn off and load up other into cars. The hike down Trestle track is quite steep but only about 45min of walking. The campsite is at the bottom of the canyon next to the shoalhaven river.

Sunday is going to be a slow day with lots of splashing around in the river, fishing and lazy exploration. Bonus marks will be given if you bring an inflatable raft. In the afternoon when the sun is not blazing hot we will start to hike back out. Hiking up the canyon significantly harder then hiking down and you will need be fit.

Paste into ‘Gear I Need Section’ when joining trip:
Indicate if you will be climbing or just camping

My Climbing Experience
(eg indoor/outdoor, how many times, trips)

Climbing Gear I Need (Delete anything you do not need)
– Helmet, Harness, PAS, ATC

Camping Gear I Need
– Pack, Tent, Sleeping bag, Sleeping mat

Medical Conditions
(Any relevant injuries/allergies/asthma/medication)


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