Catherine Hill Bay 6-hour Rogaine practice

Hello Navigators,

Salome, James and I, will be running a 6-hour navigation practice out at Catherine Hill Bay.
We are also super excited to have ex-club prez, NSW Rogaine course setter:- Nicole Mealing join us to assist and share invaluable tips and experiences!

If you have attended any of the navigation courses this year or attending the NSW State Rogaine Champs in early September, this would be an ideal course for practice.

The non-competitive event will be held on Saturday and we’ll camp out near the Bay area.
If you need to return on the same day, you can skip the camp out option on Saturday night.

The event is free, as all you need to do is download an app to activate the Rogaine Event. Details will be provided in an email to participants.

Personal Gear and fitness level required:
• You should be able to hike at least 6 hours in duration.
• Be comfortable going off track and exploring bushland terrain.
• Have basic navigation skills and willing to have a go at it.
• Overnight Camp gear and food, if camping.
• Compass (maps will be provided)
• Mobile Phone to activate the Rogaine app.
• Backpack to carry sufficient water, food, first aid (essential) and warm layers of clothing.

• Camp fees, if camping.
• Shared petrol costs, for those car pooling

• Car Pooling

The Club can provide:
• Compasses and camping gear (tent, stove, sleeping mats, and bags) if required.

See you on the trip!



Participants are closed for this activity.