Caving in Bungonia

Off the back of a fantastic trip to Wee Jasper, Nat and I are running another trip slightly closer to Sydney to explore some of the cave systems in Bungonia. This will be a more physically demanding trip, best suited for those who are comfortable with scrambling and have completed at least AS1 and the prussiking workshop, as we will be doing SRT into and out of the various cave systems. The plan at the moment is to find a handful of caves we want to explore, and on the day split into groups of around 4 people to allow us to get through the caves quickly and efficiently.

Given the time of year and location, it is possible that the caves will have higher than normal levels of CO2. For this reason, if you have any heart or breathing conditions, we would strongly suggest you do not sign up for this trip. The higher levels of CO2 that can be present in Bungonia can cause elevated heart and respiration rates, which can be harder to manage in an underground environment.

In the event the CO2 levels are too high to do any caving, we’ll find alternatives to do on the day, but expect that there will be at least some CO2 in most systems that we go to in the area.

– Physically fit and able
– Familiar with prussking and confident in being able to descend and ascend ropes up to 30m in length
– Caving experience is not specifically necessary

We’ll be going down for the full weekend, caving on both Saturday and Sunday. The caves are located very close to the Bungonia Camp Grounds, which are unpowered but have hot water and cooking facilities available. Attendees will need to book and pay for their own accommodation at the campground.

When signing up for the trip, if you have arranged transport with someone, please tick the “I have a car” tickbox, even if it is not your car that you will be going in, as this allows us to manage carpooling better.

If you have any questions please let me know

Sam + Nat


This activity is fully booked.