Dam Cliffs – Outdoor Climbing Trip


With all that holiday wet weather behind us, let’s chuck those shoes on and scratch that outdoor climbing itch! Dam Cliffs is one of the more popular outdoor sport climbing crags in the Blue Mountains, with a broad mix of easy to expert single-pitch routes, and even deep water soloing, all a short distance from parking.

The Crag listing: https://www.thecrag.com/en/climbing/australia/blue-mountains/the-dams-cliffs

We will switch between cliffs ad-hoc during the day as they’re all within a short distance of each other, and we may finish the day with some deep water soloing if you’re game!

Wet weather plan B: 24 hours before the event, if the weather outlook is grim, we will take a vote to substitute the climbing trip for a hike instead, namely Federal Pass – a hard 13km one-way (5-8hrs) but with multiple bail-out points if people get tired.

Max 12 participants.

Must have been on prior climbing trips with the club.

Mandatory requirements are:
Completed Rock Skills 1 and Rock Skills 2
Competent with lead climbing, lead belaying, evaluating sport anchors, and cleaning sport anchors.

Please mention when registering what experience you have, as well as any other relevant skills which could be helpful to the trip – placing top-rope anchors, rope rescue, first aid etc.

* indicates the club can lend the item
-3L water
-Climbing harness (must be padded, not tape – club cannot provide padded harnesses)
– *Helmet
– *Belay device w/ locking carabiner
– *PAS (Personal Anchor System) with locking carabiner
-Climbing shoes
-Sturdy approach footwear
-Hat and sunscreen
-*First Aid Kits (brought by leaders)

=Trip Leaders=
Foster L, Chris B, Salomé and I (James Carr).

The club has protocols in place to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Please note that if you have symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, such as cough, sore throat, runny nose or fever, you should not join the activity. If you present with symptoms you may be asked to leave the activity.

Club event poster: James Carr – please direct any questions to me through FB messenger.


Participants are closed for this activity.