[Dates Finalised] 2-day Guided Whitewater Rafting in Nymboida, December 29-31

G’day all,

My best intentions for water-based activities in 2022 have been… a bit of a wash. Many things have, it turns out. But this particular activity should be something to look forward to (and plan for). I’ve had my eye on Nymboida Gorge since I moved to Australia, and between Black Summer, Floods, Pandemics, and… More Floods so many things have gotten in the way. It may be a many more years before I have the skills, gear, and confidence to take myself and mates down rapids of this level in unfamiliar territory, and I’ve finally lost patience. I wanna just do the thing.

Whitewater Rafting Day Trip - Upper Nymboida River, NSW - Adrenaline

I’ve proposed a date range only because by now we know how hard these things can be to plan. It is possible we’d have another summer of reading river gauges, so we won’t know what’s likely until closer to year-end and may have to play it by ear. There’s options to do a 1-day as well, but it’s a hefty drive so we’d want to make a weekend of being up there either way.

September 18 update:

We are officially rafting for 2 days, December 29-31, driving up either the 27th or 28th for other adjacent activities and camping. We will make use of the UTSActivate 12 seater bus but can take up to 34 people at this stage with more drivers. Bookings for this trip close November 5th.


It’s not an area we often visit for our activities, so I’m happy to do other things while we’re up there as well. They offer guided abseiling and rock-climbing for instance– but we definitely know how to do that ourselves!

The 2-day option is $550, the other options and what’s included is listed here: https://exodusadventures.rezdy.com/catalog/154164/whitewater-rafting-tours

Most whitewater tours need a minimum of 10 people and have a max of 34 before definitely going ahead.

Here’s to inundation on our own terms,



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