EOI Remote Area First Aid Training – Multiple Date and Price Options


As a requirement for running trips, at least 2 people on your trip must have current First Aid training. The club subsidizes up to $220 of a trip leader’s first aid training once they’ve run 4 trips (outlined in the Trip Leader section of MyOAC). We have a couple options for doing so.

  1. ~$227, OAC organised, 2 dates in May/November with the Australian Red Cross, which will provide both Provide First Aid and Remote Area First Aid (former is a prereq for the latter), capped at 20 participants each. We’ll prioritise leaders and then accept general members or members from other clubs.
  2. $285, self-organised dates, for the Bushwalkers Remote Area First Aid training run in St. Ives, listed here: https://www.bushwalkingnsw.org.au/first-aid-training/

All queries you have about option 2 must come via that webpage and their contact details as per this line:

Please do NOT put the exact dates and course numbers anywhere on your club program along with the St John phone number for bookings. There are two very important reasons for this:

  1. The regulator (ASQA) insists that everyone who enrols in training is given specific advice about course content, duration, cancellation, appeals etc. If clubs short-circuit that notification process by encouraging people to enrol without reading this web page first it would be considered a non-compliant process when St John is audited
  2. The venue is hard to find, and the best information about how to find it is on this page. The automatic email sent from St John on enrolment will just say “Hunter Street St Ives”. As the venue is on crown land it has no street number, and the automatic email cannot be changed.”

Happy to field any other questions. These courses are useful, informative, and fun! Get a spot if you can.


–salome, safety/training officer.


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