Even Less Time to Die, James Bond Crag, Intermediate Climbing

Hello all,

I haven’t been to the bluies in weeks and everyone else is determined to freeze to death in canyons, so they’ve forced my hand. Here’s a climbing trip, inspired by the one that got rained out recently. James Bond crag is in the Megalong Valley.

More info here on the crag:


We’ll definitely be in Mr. Big area. Jury’s out as to whether this is a black-tie event.

We’re listing this event as two days because the weather has been such a wretched saboteur that we may want to pick which day based on the forecast. If we still get rained out en route, well, there’s always Villawood or some annoyingly steep caves.


Skills you need:

Lead belay

Anchor building

Anchor cleaning


If you plan to partake in the multipitches, you’ll also need Abseil Skills 2 and Multipitch Skills. If you’re a beginner and just want to tag along and top-rope, let me know that’s the case in your comments– we can probably accommodate a couple seats. If we haven’t met before, I’ll at least want confirmation you’ve passed Rock Skills 1.

Hopefully the sky starts to cooperate! Might need a blood offering.

Salome (Sam)

Ehren (Ehren)


Participants are closed for this activity.