Ice Climbing & Mountaineering @ Blue Lake

Matt and I will be leading an Ice Climbing / Mountaineering trip to Blue Lake so you can experience the euphoric thunk of an ice tool into a sick frozen waterfall.

^ Photo from recent trip to blue lake with UNSWOC peeps

Rough plan is to head down early Sat morning from Sydney, arriving in jindy at about 12 to pick up any required hire gear (potentially friday arvo if everyone can do). We’ll then head to Guthega and skin/snowshoe out to our snow camping spot around illawong hut (with some practice in the arvo if we have time). Alpine start sun so we can head up to blue lake for a day of ice climbing, returning to jindy around 5pm. If the weather isn’t great, we may camp at island bend instead of on snow.

Expect a bit of suffering, because that’s mountaineering. It will be cold, you will probably be damp, you will be getting up early (before sunrise) and skinning/hiking with a heavy pack (20-25kg ish). If that doesn’t sound like your vibe, best to skip this one.

You will need the following gear (asterisk if you can borrow from the club, but we have limited supply):

– Mountaineering boots with heel welts for crampons (hire from Jindy, ~$60) OR AT ski boots
– Snow shoes OR touring gear (splitty/at skis) *
– Crampons *
– 4 season tent w/ snow pegs (if you don’t share you’re gonna carry more weight and be colder :P)
– Winter weight sleeping bag (-10 C comfort), or equivalent stacked sleeping bags and liners
– 4 season insulated sleeping mat (can stack an inflatable mat on top of a foam mat)
– Good sunnies and/or snow goggles
– Harness (padded, must own)
– Helmet *
– Hardshell pants & jacket (goretex or similar)
– Adequate thermals and insulating layers to layer under shells
– Snow gaiters (optional but recommended)
– Waterproof gloves & inners (ideally spare pairs)
– Head torch & spare batteries
– Food & cooking (make sure you have alpine gas ie jetboil/msr/etc 4 season mix)
– Water bottle (2l between bottles)
– Carry out toileting kit (e.g. Wag Bags & poo tube)
– GPS enabled phone & battery with maps downloaded (Gagia, OSM, etc)
– Hiking pack large enough to carry personal and group gear (20-25kg total)

Please put in the signup info relevant trips you’ve been on (hard/long overnight hikes, camping in very cold/snow, snow experience). Let me know if you can do friday arvo leave, and also mention the most suffering you’ve endured in the outdoors, but mainly because I want to make sure you actually read the whole thing.

Evan & Matt


This activity is fully booked.