Improvised Rope Rescue

Gday Adventurers,

Improvised Rope Rescue covers a set of skills that are essential if someone is injured while on rope. This is a great opportunity for current trip leaders to practice rope rescue skills and upcoming trip leaders & members to learn essential rope rescue skills.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice the following improvised rope rescue techniques.

Securing yourself mid-abseil
1. Leg wrap
2. Mule hitch tie off

When there are two lives in your brake hand
3. Tandem abseil from the top of a cliff
4. Pick-off a casualty from mid-abseil and tandem abseil down to the bottom

Bonus objectives – when there is no cavalry
5. Build and operate a hauling system
6. Build and operate mechanical advantage (z-rigs)

Prerequisites (But not essential) – participants will need to use the skills that they have learnt in Abseil Skills 2. Be able to rig anchors and rope for abseiling ; self-belay with friction knots; prusik up and down the rope.

Please state/comment your experiences, what you want to learn in as well as what gear you will require when applying

There will opportunity to practice these essential skills in the lead up to this event at the Ledge each Monday night so that everyone can get into the rescue component quickly and efficiently.



This activity is fully booked.