Monday Ledge + Flodge

G’day all,

Our favourite pub is back to its glorious full menu!!

Join us on Monday night for our weekly social climbing session at the Ledge (most arrive around 6pm).

At around 8pm, we’ll head off to the Forest Lodge Hotel for dinner and chats (great time to ask questions about Megafest). Ahhhh southern fried chicken pockets, I missed you.

News: Seeing as last week’s dinner was so successful (apart from the slightly chaotic cash situation), we may experiment with a new cuisine some time in the future if people are keen. But for now, we will shall stick to the Flodge as it’s easy and not so draining on already empty student pockets. We’ve got two more nights of Ledge left before it is closed over Christmas so we’ll be forced to experiment with some new food places soon anyway. Climbing will likely be temporarily moved to St Peters over that period, but we’ll see what happens. Stay tuned.

Happy weekending.


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