[FULL – unless you can bring a 4WD] McBrides Beach – remote beach camping in true wild style.

Hello Adventurers!

Welcome to 2020! I am looking to take a small group to a 4WD Only accessible beach near Forster. McBrides Beach looks like a beautiful spot for swimming and camping, the approach is by hiking or 4WD only.

I will be looking to take 2-3 lucky peeps by 4WD. This beach has no facilities but we will be relatively close to Forster and other campgrounds. We will be driving up early on Saturday the 18th and driving back later on Sunday the 19th, camping overnight.

Check out the site for more information. https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/Mcbrides+Beach/

If you have a 4WD and are willing to drive, I may expand the group to more people. Email me personally of you can bring another 4WD to the party.
Prepare to experience all the joys and wonder of the great outdoors. Prepare to use a spade!!

There will be costs which we can discuss around food and other things. Also, it will be $35 per passenger to help with fuel costs.

I will finalise the trip as soon as possible depending on sign ups. It looks like a whole lot of fun, I’m looking forward to getting out there.



This activity is fully booked.