Mushroom Foraging at Belangelo State Forest

Howdy Foodie Folks!

It’s Autumn time and we are going mushroom foraging at Belangelo State Forest.
Want to learn how to identify the difference between Saffron Milkcap or a Slippery Jack and pick-em for a scrumptious group lunch, then come along for some Shroomy goodness!
Beware, Fungi are sensitive organisms and usually appear when the temps and moisture levels are ideal.
Sometimes we may hit the jackpot other times its scarce pickings…We cannot guarantee an abundant harvest…but we’ll make do with wine, cheese, and bread for lunch…
May go for look for a river swim at the end of the trip.

Personal gear to bring:
@Warm clothes as we walking slowly through the pine forest is rather a cool activity.
@Good walking enclosed shoes.
@Carry basket or stiff bag to collect your fungi
@Sharp knife
@Good crusty Bread, cheese, chocolate, Italian beverage to go with.
@Eating and Drinking Implements
@Usual sun protection and enough H20 for the day.

Cars and drivers are placed first in the queue!

The below photo is what I picked last year.



This activity is fully booked.