Navigation Skills 1 – Theory night

Hello Fellow Bush lovers!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use a map and compass?
How do you read those large topographical maps?
What do those lines and numbers represent?
How do you take a grid reference?
Can you work out where the heck you are on a map?

Learn this essential outdoor skill at the navigational skills workshop to be held at UTS on Wednesday night.
You will have a chance to apply these skills practically the following Saturday at the 2021 Autumngaine NSW Rogaine Event at Belanglo state forest (Entry fees involved).
There is a separate post to join the Autumngaine event.

The club will provide topo maps and compasses, just bring along pen and paper to enable you to complete practice exercises.

Note: Keep in mind, we are starting this training in order for preparation for the Annual Navishield competition held at the end of June.

Hope to see you on the night!


Participants are closed for this activity.