Overnight beach camping/Camp Cooking Competition

Gday peeps,

Overnight beach camping:
Next weekend we are planning to do an overnight camp next to the beach in the royal national park. It is a bit over an hour of walking to get there and is accessible by public transport via bundeena.  You will need to carry all of your gear in including food and water. There will be plenty of time to swim and laze around in hammocks once we are there. I plan on hiking in around 2 -3pm and staying until Sunday evening around 5pm. You are welcome to join me on the walk or to hike in and meet us there.
Please list any camping gear you will need.

Camp Cooking Competition: Every participant on this trip will be required to enter the camp cooking competition. The rules are simple: One meal you cook during the trip will be judged, it can be a breakfast lunch or dinner. You don’t need to cook for anyone else just enough for a photo and a taste for the judge. It will be judged in the following categories:
-How hard the meal is to cook while camping.



This activity is fully booked.