Skills: Improvise Rope Rescue @ Alfords Point [FULL]

Participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice the following improvised rope rescue techniques…

Securing yourself mid-abseil
1. Leg wrap
2. Mule hitch tie off

When there are two lives in your brake hand
3. Tandem abseil from the top of a cliff
4. Pick-off a casualty from mid-abseil and tandem abseil down to the bottom

Rescue objectives – when there is no cavalry
5. Build and operate an assisted hoist
6. Build and operate an unassisted hoist (also known as the Z-hoist or 3:1 hoist). Prepare to sweat!

Prerequisites – participants will need to use the skills that they have learnt in Abseil Skills 2. Be able to rig anchors and rope for abseiling ; self-belay with friction knots ; prusik up and down the rope. Highly recommended for members seeking to advance their ropes skills, up coming trip leaders who want to run rope related activities and /or current leaders that wish to practice their rope skills.

What to bring:
Recommended to practice with your own personal gear (bring them)
or state what gear you need in the appropriate sign up comments
the usual food and water + logistics 🙂

Sunday 15th of Dec 9am till 5:30ish.
Sutherland: Alford’s Point.

Please state your experience in the what gear I need section.

Limited to 8 and will open up to more depending on the number of trip leaders attending. Please state if you can provide transport as this will be favorable 🙂



Participants are closed for this activity.