Social Climbing at the Ledge

Join us for our weekly Club Night at the Ledge, where you’ll enjoy discounted indoor climbing, good chats and tastilicious food.

Time and place:
1800-2000 = indoor climbing at The Ledge Climbing Centre
2000-2130 = dinner and chats at Forest Lodge (Flodge) Hotel pub

Cost: $8 general entry to the Ledge upon presentation of UTS OAC membership card. No need to hire a harness, we have OAC harnesses you can borrow.

Other Details:
• No need to sign-up, but doing so will help us out logistically
• Everyone is welcome, bring your friends!
• Feel free to start and finish early or late
• Opportunity to receive a club card for those discounts, more info at
• Opportunity to meet Trip Leaders, let us know what kinds of trips you would like to see, and let us know if you would like to become a Trip Leader
• Reply to this email if you’ve got any questions


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