Tough Mudder Adventure Race

Hi guys,

Tough Mudder is an adventure race over 16km/5km that involves up to 20 awesome obstacles like ice baths, crazy ramps and massive monkey bars. You will sweat, you will get dirty and you will have so much fun.

UTS has a Tough Mudder team that we can join, which gives us all sorts of advantages like a tent and bus to take us there but it may work out easier to do it on our own.

Im hoping we can do the 5km run but if we can get enough people together to also do the 16km distance that would be amazing.

You will need to have a decent level of fitness to have fun in this event but keep in mind its not running the whole way, its broken up into a bunch of smaller segments with activities between them.

Register for this and we will start to work out what teams we can get and how many people we have interested.



Participants are closed for this activity.