Trad climbing exposure – 27 Sept 2020 [FULL]

Close your eyes and imagine….
Imagine a pristine cliff…
Imagine a light breeze bringing Eucalyptus and wilderness scents to your nose…
Imagine a feeling of freedom choosing your way…
Imagine a sense of accomplishment that comes with the exploration of your own possibilities…
Imagine a human adventure that will create bonds and shared memories with your climbing partner…
That’s what Trad climbing is to me 🙂 (and it’s worth every scratch and all the sweat)

James, Ronny, and I will head to Mt Piddington for a Trad Exposure climbing trip.
Trad(itional) climbing is the “art” of scaling a wall that does not possess artificial hardware previously fixed to the rock.
This trip is a “teaser” for a series of Trad Skills trips that will take place over the coming months.
You will be ‘seconding’ a variety of climbs and handling cams/nuts/hexes to get a feel of what trad climbing is.

This trip is mostly aimed at people that want to learn trad climbing but have never led nor seconded trad routes, and people who are hesitating to transit to trad climbing.

While you will essentially be seconding climbs during this trip, we will give priority to people that have lead-climbing and/or multi-pitch experience, and are willing to participate in the Trad Skills series.

Please detail your climbing experience and if you are interested in the Trad Skills series in the “Sign-up information” section.

Following trips are:
– Gear placement (Sun 25 Oct):
– Anchors (Sun 7 Nov):



This activity is fully booked.