UTSOAC Merch Distribution and Purchasing (finally)

Hi Everyone,

I have spent far to long trying to figure out the best way to hand out merch but I think have finally produced a system that will work for most people. thank you for your patience, I had almost all the brain cells working on this one.

The Merch is being stored at the ledge climbing centre (thanks Pete!) and as such this is the location to collect it from. The orders are located in the box labelled orders above the dressing rooms, your order will have your name on it. Please don’t take anyone else’s order or unfold the extras, I’m trying to keep it tidy and organised.

For those who have already placed an order and want to collect:
your orders are already sorted and ready to collect, drop into the ledge during open hours and collect!

For those who are feeling FOMO and want to get your hands on some merch:
Go to the following link and CHECK THAT WE HAVE YOUR SIZE IN STOCK. If we do, continue to fill out the form and send the appropriate amount of money to the club, MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE YOUR NAME IN THE DESCRIPTION(details in the spreadsheet). Once this is done, wait for us to update the ready-to-collect section then head into the ledge to collect. processing orders will most likely be done on Monday nights so check the spreadsheet after the following Monday of you placing your order.

Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ARnhigi85y3wVOS0wx_fKRAbpKSDTlvs_dnBDZh5gVI/edit?usp=sharing


Q: what do they look like?
A: they look like this: https://utsoac.org.au/merch/

Q: I don’t know my size can I try one on?
A: Only on Monday nights when either myself or Niamh is there, sizes are pretty standard to normal unisex sizing, nothing weird going on here.

Q: I want to swap my size, can I do so?
A: if you’re unsure try your order on at the ledge, if it doesn’t fit leave it in the box as you found it and send members@utsoac.org.au an email with the updated size and we will swap it. if you’ve taken it home then sorry, taking back potentially worn shirts isn’t fair on the next person to receive the shirt.

Any further questions please direct them to members@utsoac.org.au and either Niamh or I will reply.


Sean Ealey


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