[FULL] Water Dragon Canyon – Megafest Saturday

Hi all,

Birger and I will be running a trip to Water Dragon canyon on Saturday the 2nd of December for Megafest. This is an intermediate canyon – you must have prior canyoning experience, be comfortable with heights, jumps into water, abseiling and extended swims.

Things to bring:
– Swimmers to wear under your wetsuit
– Old shorts or board shorts to wear over your wetsuit
– Lightweight rain jacket for extra warmth
– Closed grippy shoes such as vollys or sneakers that you are able to swim in (ie no hiking boots)
– Lunch, snacks and 2L of water
– Change of clothes for when we get back to the cars and towel

More information can be found in the following link: https://ozultimate.com/canyoning/track_notes/water_dragon.htm

Birger & Elaine


This activity is fully booked.