UTSOAC adventures take place in some truly amazing locations that very few people get to see or experience. However amazing these locations might be the club never neglects the fact they can present a serious personal risk if not managed in the safest possible way. With the correct skills and knowledge to navigate these risky locations the safety of not just our club members but all people can be minimised and potentially eliminated altogether.

We take the safety of our members very seriously and as such are proactive in this field. We achieve this by providing our valued Trip Leaders with the relevant training through qualified external providers. This professional training continues the up-skilling of our Trip Leaders creating the safest environment for our members during their outdoor adventures.

Our club understands that to safely run a trip multiple skills will be required which is why varying training providers are approved to instruct our Trip Leaders and club members. This practice exposes our Trip Leaders to a greater variety of teaching methods and curriculum’s allowing us to achieve the broadest learning experience.

At the completion of each course the participating Trip Leaders are required to facilitate club training based on the skills acquired through their course. This process ensures the introduction of new skills to our club on an annual basis forever building upon the skills held by our dedicated Trip Leaders and club members.

Below are the qualified training facilitators our Trip Leaders attend and the courses they train in.


All Aid First Aid

Since 2012 All Aid First Aid has been instructing our club members on life sustaining skills. This two day course, run over one weekend, is conducted in bush land area providing students with scenarios reflecting real life situations.

Remote Area First Aid

Provide CPR – HTL AID 001

Basic First Aid- HTL AID 002

Provide First Aid – HTL AID 003


Australian School of Mountaineering

The OAC has been sending its Trip Leaders to the ASM since 2013, building upon their skills which maintains the ongoing safety standards that we operate under.

Abseiling Rescue

Canyon Leaders Course

Climber’s Self Rescue

Big Wall & Aid Climbing

Wilderness Navigation


Australian Climbing Instructors Association

Since 2016, four Trip Leaders have undertaken Single Pitch Guide assessments conducted by the ACIA. Their successful completion of this assessment process was a direct result of the training provided them by the OAC. The ACIA is Australia’s leading organisation representing the interests of climbing instructors and guides throughout Australia.

Single Pitch Guide