Warning: These tutorials do not replace appropriate instruction, many of the techniques shown here can be dangerous when done incorrectly.  When practicing, ask for supervision from someone competent in such techniques.


List of tutorials

  1. Introduction to climbing


Introduction to climbing

Introductory list of 8 videos that will help you to get started with some basic climbing techniques, terminology, DOs and DONTs.

The total duration is about 28min. The contents of this tutorial are:

  • Different types of indoor climbing
  • Indoor climbing safety and etiquette
  • How to grip Indoor climbing holds
  • Indoor rock climbing sequencing
  • Solving problems based on body type
  • Static v’s dynamic movement
  • How to understand climbing terminology
  • Bad belaying techniques

The credit for the videos goes to the YouTube channels Howcast and Petzl Sport.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLmqHZ9vKKO-O_cSSo8IovuFpgqxTuY5UL[/embedyt]