Advanced Canyoning – Wounded Knee Canyon

G’day All,
Sean and I are planning a trip down Wounded Knee Canyon on the Upper Colo. This is a different region to the typical Bluey’s canyons we normally do, so it should be a unique and interesting trip

Some things to note:
– Neither of us have done this canyon before, and there’s not much in the way of track notes, so it is going to be exploratory
– This is a “dry” winter canyon, but the exit down the Colo may involve a couple of short swims
– It’s going to be a long and physically demanding day

To join you must be:
– an experienced and independent abseiler
– comfortable with rock scrambling and off-track hiking
– fit enough for many hours of walking with a heavy pack, including some steep hills
– Bonus if you’ve got a proper 4×4 and can give people a lift


Participants are closed for this activity.