Tuesday 15 November, 2022 - Tuesday 31 January, 2023 at 6:00 am - 8:00 am

Berry’s Bay Community Kayaking – Tuesdays before work (6am-8am)

Organizer: Salome Hussein Participants 99

G'day, We are very fortunate to have one of the most beautiful harbours and cityscapes in the Southern Hemisphere. Starting the day with a sunrise paddle in Berry's Bay is hard to beat. Now the days are longer and the water's warmer, 1st North Sydney Scouts has made their kayak fleet available for the wider community, including OAC. As part of the endeavour, we take sacks to collect rubbish from [...]

Sunday 22 January, 2023 - Wednesday 22 February, 2023

2023 T Shirt Design Competition!!

Organizer: Sean Ealey Participants 9999999

Hello everyone! It's been a while since we had a club t-shirt so it's time for a new one! We need YOUR HELP to come up with a design, yes you. The competition is simple, create the most popular design as voted by the rest of the club and you will win a $50 Climbing Anchors gift card and a free t-shirt to boot. no matter if your design skills [...]

Saturday 28 January, 2023

Claustral Canyon (Experienced Only) – this is the stuff of legend!!

Organizer: Dushyantha De Silva Participants 6

Hello Adventurers! This is the canyon they talk about. The one that gets a 10/10 for quality. The one that is repeatedly tried because its so often failed! Described as one of the most striking canyons with fantastic water features, stunning flora and a pretty decent effort to get through, its a bucket list must have!! Suitable for intermediate or experienced canyoners, get ready to push rock and bash bush [...]

Sunday 29 January, 2023

[FULL] Abseil Skill 2 – Rigging and Self Belay – 29 Jan 2023

Organizer: James Millar Participants 9

Build on your core abseiling skills by learning how to setup an abseil and then belay yourself safely to the ground. James and Sean will be running a trip with a specific focus on developing these skills. What we will cover: - Safety & risk management - Self belay / 3rd hand - Basic anchor theory - Rigging an anchor - Fixed vs Natural Protection - Retrievable vs fixed line [...]

Sunday 29 January, 2023 at 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

[FULL] Hole in the Wall Canyon

Organizer: Megan Calder Participants 8

Jumping into water, you feel the chill invading your body. As your head is bobbing up and down the surface, you can see the stars shining in the sky, but suddenly you realise there’s sunlight leaking through the hole in the wall. This canyon is for those who have completed ABS1 and have a good level of fitness. You need to be confident swimming in cold water for at least [...]

Tuesday 31 January, 2023 at 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Trip Leader Induction Night

Organizer: Salome Hussein Participants 25

G'day OAC, This year is looking to be in full swing already. We've plenty amazing trips posted, lots more to look forward to, and O'day is right around the corner. Before we welcome an influx of bright-eyed and bushytailed new adventurers, we'd like to extend an invitation to our current usual suspects to join the Trip Leader (TL) team. Have you dreamt of an amazing trip of your own you'd [...]

Wednesday 01 February, 2023 - Wednesday 26 April, 2023 at 4:30 pm - 6:45 pm

Sydney Summer Series: Wednesday Evening Orienteering

Organizer: Salome Hussein Participants 99

G'day OAC, Want to practice your navigation, get a bit of fresh air, and/or see secret parts of Sydney you wouldn't otherwise? The Sydney Summer Series will be right up your gully and has several more events in their calendar before the days get too short. https://www.sydneysummerseries.com.au/sydney-summer-series The event is only 45min and you begin anytime between 1630 and 1845 (course closure at 1930). It's a welcoming activity with many [...]

Saturday 04 February, 2023

[FULL] Malaita Point •psyched• Abseiling at Malaita Wall

Organizer: Johann Pai Participants 15

Safety checked, descender checked. Unscrewing the gate of your safety, you can feel the squeak vibrating on your fingertips, hear the heartbeats deafening your ears, sense the uneasiness plucking your bones. This discomfort, this thrill, at least for me, has never gone away. Step by step, you can feel every single pebbles rubbing under your shoes more and more clearly, you feet become heavier and heavier. Suddenly, you smear some [...]

Sunday 05 February, 2023

Intermediate Anchor practice, Abseiling, and Top-roping: Yellow Rock

Organizer: Salome Hussein Participants 12

G'day adventurers, Sean, Aminah, Ehren, Josephine, and myself are conducting a reconnaissance on a new rock-craft classroom, maybe we'll even doodle up a little topo for the best bits of it. We're going to Yellow Rock Lookout: https://fatcanyoners.org/2010/11/28/abseiling-skills-day/ It's a good opportunity to practice different top-anchor setups, get a few climbs and abseils in, or practice some of your rescue skills. The day will be relatively unstructured, but I'd like [...]

Sunday 05 February, 2023 at 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

[FULL] Rock Skills 1 at Mt Ku-ring-gai

Organizer: Megan Calder Participants 16

For those of you keen to start climbing outdoors but need to learn the basic skills, we will be heading to Mt Ku-ring Gai for a day of training. The climbing grades here are fairly simple and perfect to be eased into the outdoors. Having your own climbing shoes is ideal as the club cannot provide these, however they are not a requirement. For the sign up information, please list [...]

Tuesday 07 February, 2023

TBC – Storage Induction

Organizer: James Millar


Sunday 12 February, 2023

TBC – Vertical Self Rescue

Organizer: James Millar


Sunday 26 February, 2023 at 7:00 am - 1:00 pm

Rogaine – Escape to the City Minigaine

Organizer: Foster Langbein Participants 99

Rogaining[1] - The Sport of Thought - is back for 2023! This first event is a 'minigaine' a pint sized version of the usual at only 3 hrs long. It's perfect to give the sport a try! It's conveniently located in the southern beach suburbs of Sydney, so it's easy to get to as well. From the Website: "The 2023 Minigaine will be held on Sunday February 26th and kicks [...]

Wednesday 08 March, 2023 at 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

UTSOAC Bi-Monthly Committee Meeting [March]

Organizer: Johann Pai


Sunday 12 March, 2023

TBC – Rock Skills 2

Organizer: James Millar


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