Sean Ealey

About me: avid timewaster, chronically late and an average climber. We’ll figure it out someday

Interests: Climbing, Canyoning, hiking, fishing camping and Drinking beer.

Biggest fear: Megan and that little bit of painful skin on the corner of your finger that you can’t rip off so you just pull on it a bunch of times

Salomé Hussein
Vice President

About me: I have a PhD in physics, model natural catastrophes for a living, and I volunteer with SES/BSAR, Scouts, and NSW Rogaining. I have a partnership (Acronyms Unlimited) with Stu Warren– we build and prototype misc cool gadgets or whatever we feel like. Maybe someone will pay us someday.

Interests: Tickering with gadgets, soldering, welding, hacking, and dabbling in a different adventure activity each week. This year is likely to be about packrafting, but I’ll go wherever there’s treats. Stu and I are also co-coordinating Navshield.

Biggest fear: Having to go back to Alaska, accidentally doing more harm than good, being useless or a liability, being forgotten, not finding a treatment for chronic pain, people mispronouncing their name.

Oliver Revis

About me: Ever curious 

Interests: Climbing, Multi-pitch climbing, (anything taller and easier than what Sean climbs), Canyoning, Wild Camping, Photography. Most outdoorsy stuff.

Biggest fear: American wildlife. I don't do bears.

Olivia Zurek

About me: Your go-to enviro hippie who loves a good chat. 

Interests: Showing people how fun clean-ups and bushcare are. Anything outdoorsey my injuries don't stop me from doing. 

Biggest fear: Becoming even more injured than I already am.

Zen Marcos
Quartermaster (the better one)

About me: I love nature and enjoy programming. The dream is to one day find out how I can combine these passions into a career. 

Interests: Canyoning, climbing, hiking

Biggest fear: Missing out on an adventure, and whippers (will I ever get used to them?)

Hamza Sheikh
Quartermaster (the funnier one)

About me: I am an outdoors lover first, and an engineer second.

Interests: having weird fun outdoors on land, underwater, or anything in between, except caving ugh

Biggest fear: Not living a life worth telling, debilitating injuries


About me: I like beer, do you like beer? 

Interests: climbing, canyoning, snorkelling, crashing shitboxes

Biggest fear: getting nutty putty’d

Nat Powell
Training and Safety

About me: Permanently dehydrated, and love anything adventure 

Interests: Canyoning, Mountain Biking, anything adrenaline/pushing the limits 

Biggest fear: getting injured, social interactions

Sam Hassan
Safety Officer

About me: Hobbitual adventurer

Interests: Canyoning, Hiking, Climbing, Caving, scuba Diving, Mountaineering, Craft Beer and Gin

Biggest fear: Wasps

Elise Lee

About me: I was introduced to outdoors sport in 2022, currently trying to get better at sport/trad climbing and navigation skill 🙂

Interests: all things climbing, snow sports, mountaineering, olympic lifting, crossfit, going to therapy.

Biggest fear: break bones, rupture ligaments, open ocean.


About me: Hydro homie, H20 Bro, I love water and sunscreen. Purple crayon > purple skittles

Interests: climbing, canyoning, snow sports

Biggest fear(s): Heights and dinosaur-shaped nuggets

Hartnell Dean

About me: Always keen on an adventure! 

Interests: climbing, canyoning, hiking, traveling, surfing, snowboarding, kayaking and campinggg

Archita Belvadi

About Me : Outdoor Adventure Enthusiast

Interests : Keen to try almost everything! Hiking, Canyoning, Snorkeling, Diving, Kayaking, Ice Skating and many more

Nadiah Roslan
Assistant Committee Member

About me: nature-nerd, outdoor enthusiast and wannabe eco-warrior

Interests: connecting people to nature, sustainability, sport climbing, multi-pitch climbing, hiking, snowboarding, scuba diving and wildlife.

Biggest fear: Not having an adventure in the calendar