Phuong Ho

About me: Moderately addicted to rocks, loves getting high on them

Interest: Climbing

Biggest Fear: Falling

Susan So
Vice President

About me: Late bloomer in acquiring the adventurous spirit. Fascinated with going off-track and navigating secret wild places. Desperate to upgrade to a 4x4.

Interests: Mutli-day off-track hiking, Canyoning, Navigation, Wild food, sometimes Climbing, Recently discovered snorkeling, ocean adventures, and camp oven cooking.

Biggest Fear: Remaining cold in my sleeping bag and getting stuck in a tight cave gives me the shivers!

Tyler Htun

About me: Fell in love with walk out part of canyoning trips, wet walls had me falling head over heels. 

Interest: Canyoning

Biggest Fear: Empty spider web

James Millar
Treasurer / Training Officer

About me: Keen outdoor adventurer, always up for a climb or an overnight hike.

Interest: Multi-pitch Climbing

Biggest Fear: Cold water in canyons

Denis Webber
Safety / Activities Officer

About me: I love exploring isolated and secluded spots

Interest: Climbing, Hiking, Skiing, Mountaineering and Scuba-Diving 

Biggest Fear: Being unable to explore the outdoors

Gordon Wing-Lun
Membership Officer

About me: Keen to climb, indoor or out, multi-pitch abseil or cross country skiing.

Interest: Multi-pitch Climbing

Biggest Fear: Making a mistake.

Matthew Diplock

About me: I'm about weird adventures, deep wilderness and cooking great food. Preferably all 3 when I can.

Interests: Hiking, Climbing, Mountaineering, Kayaking, Motorbikes, Caving and Wild Food

Biggest Fear: Going hungry

Salomé Hussein

About me: Jane-of-All-Trades, master of none. I’m a physicist that models natural disasters. I’m a nerd that can’t sit still. Fond of dad jokes and silly socks.

Interests: Endurance and water sports, navigation (orienteering/rogaining), climbing.

Biggest Fears: Being trapped, being forgotten, accidentally hurting someone, looking back on things and wishing I’d tried harder.

Nuwan Munasinghe
Assistant Webmaster

About me: In love with wilderness and nature

Interest: Anything to do with climbing

Biggest Fear: Confined spaces