Megan Calder

About me: Can't sit still (unless it's for boardgames), so always looking and planning the next adventure. Can be bribed with food.

Interests: Hiking, climbing, camping, kayaking, snorkelling, dancing

Biggest Fear: The unknown & cockroaches

Sean Ealey
Vice President

About me: I'm a keen adventurer who enjoys visiting places not often seen by the public.

Interest: Rock Climbing, hiking, abseiling, camping, kayaking, fishing and anything else that sounds cool.

Biggest Fear: Leeches, those things are terrifying.

Nimah Craw

About me: Potentially mad scientist who likes to learn new things. Probably a plant; needs sunlight, water, food and company to stay alive. Oh, and it’s pronounced Neeve.

Interests: Climbing, Hiking, Camping, Kayaking, Nature.

Biggest Fear: Falling (working on it), being a bad person.

Christine Sumskas
James Millar

About me: Keen outdoor adventurer, always up for a climb or an overnight hike.

Interests: Multi-pitch Climbing

Biggest Fear: Cold water in canyons

Evan McMahon

About me: Sennnnnnnnd It

Interest: Climbing, Highlining, Snowboarding, Mountaineering and generally anything sketchy 

Biggest Fear:  Being bored

Salome Hussein
Training and Safety

About me: Physicist and all around dork… goes outside because that's supposedly good for them. They are really into purple, microelectronics, and silly socks.

Interest: They'll climb, rogaine, paddle, swim, or trail run depending on who else is going and whether there's appropriate treats for them (hint: cherries, coffee, and Haribo lollies). They're a chronic volunteer and also get on ropes for SES and Scouts.

Biggest Fear: Having to go back to Alaska, accidentally doing more harm than good, being useless or a liability, being forgotten, not finding a treatment for chronic pain, people mispronouncing their name.