James Millar

About me: Keen outdoor adventurer, always up for a climb or an overnight hike.

Interest: Multi-pitch Climbing

Biggest Fear: Cold water in canyons

Matthew Diplock
Vice President

About me: I'm about weird adventures, deep wilderness and cooking great food. Preferably all 3 when I can.

Interests: Hiking, Climbing, Mountaineering, Kayaking, Motorbikes, Caving and Wild Food

Biggest Fear: Going hungry

Gordon Wing-Lun

About me: I like the teamwork of outdoor adventures. Whether it's your single climbing partner or your larger group, climbing abseiling or canyoning; for at least that time you are inextricably bound, entrusting and inter-dependent.

Interest: Multi-pitch Climbing

Biggest Fear: Making a mistake.

Callum Clarke

About me: Organic chemist, weekend outdoor warrior.

Interest: Really anything exciting outdoors - caving, hiking, rock-climbing, ice-climbing, kayaking, canyoning.

Biggest Fear: Living a dull life.

Fábio Henriques
Susan So
Assistant Quartermaster

About me: Late bloomer in acquiring the adventurous spirit. Fascinated with going off-track and navigating secret wild places. Desperate to upgrade to a 4x4.

Interests: Mutli-day off-track hiking, Canyoning, Navigation, Wild food, sometimes Climbing, Recently discovered snorkeling, ocean adventures, and camp oven cooking.

Biggest Fear: Remaining cold in my sleeping bag and getting stuck in a tight cave gives me the shivers!

Denis Webber
Safety Officer

About me: I love exploring isolated and secluded spots

Interest: Climbing, Hiking, Skiing, Mountaineering and Scuba-Diving 

Biggest Fear: Being unable to explore the outdoors

Dushy De Silva
Assistant Safety Officer

About me: Work in software sales but have had a passion for adventure and outdoor activity forever. Keen Scuba diver, ride my motorbike whenever possible, read crap, watch more crap (thanks Netflix). Trip leader for a few years now. Remote first aid qualified. Exuberant linguist!

Interest: Lots but all outdoorsy stuff. Canyons are my passion but so is a coral reef or a long motorbike road trip. Anyone play chess?

Biggest Fear: One day I will forget to lock that carabiner and Phuong will notice.

Johann Pai
Training Officer

About me: Trying to conquer fear by doing it; enjoying great adventures, fine food, and close friends who constantly mock each other; a bookworm who doesn’t care much about uni.

Interest: Climbing, Photography, Canyoning, Sitting around campfires with good friends, Travelling in different cultures, Skiing.

Biggest Fear: Not living the best I can or being the master of my life, and Fabio.

Phuong Ho
Assistant Training Officer

About me: Moderately addicted to rocks, loves getting high on them

Interest: Climbing

Biggest Fear: Falling

Tyler Htun
Members Officer

About me: Prone to get sea sick. Tried a few times to reenact versions of spider-man abseiling i.e upside down.

Interest: Canyoning, hiking, kayaking.

Biggest Fear: Empty spider web and twisting your ankle on walk out.

Liv Zurek
Assistant Members Officer

About me: Enviro hippie. Shy and quiet at the start, crazy person once you know me well. On a mission to combine as many types of activities into one day as possible. Mention something environmental, and I will rant to you for an hour.

Interest: Hiking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, climbing, abseiling, bush-care, clean-ups, foraging, bushcraft. Interested in just about everything, but proficient at nothing.

Biggest Fear: Rocks, heights, water, and standing on sand with bare feet (paranoid that a crab will crawl out of the sand and start nibbling on my foot).

Nuwan Munasinghe
Tech Officer

About me: Love and enjoy nature. Trying to pass it down to future generations usable and healthy, so they can enjoy the same as much as I do.

Interest: Anything to do with climbing

Biggest Fear: Confined spaces

Salomé Hussein
Assistant Tech Officer

About me: Physicist and all around dork… goes outside because that's supposedly good for them. They are really into purple and silly socks.

Interests: They'll climb, rogaine, swim, or trail run depending on who else is going and whether there's appropriate treats for them (hint: cherries, coffee, and Haribo lollies). Otherwise they'll just hide under their bed and play video games.

Biggest Fears: Having to go back to Alaska, accidentally doing more harm than good, being useless or a liability, being forgotten, not finding a treatment for chronic pain, people mispronouncing their name.

Evan McMahon
Assistant Tech Officer

About me: I’m probably either programming or doing something sick in the outdoors, at least when I haven’t broken part of myself.

Interest: Anything that gets the adrenaline pumping and problem solving.

Biggest Fear: Finding something that scares me.

Richard Zhang
Promotions Officer

About me: Travel bug, adrenaline junkie and safety nut who loves all things outdoors. Unhealthy obsession with food and all things medical related.

Interest: Climbing, abseiling, teaching, photography, 4wding, skiing, archery.

Biggest Fear: Being forgotten and spiders.

Jessica Sanders
Assistant Promotions Officer

About me: Graphic designer and photographer by trade so if I'm not adventuring then I'll be doing something arty! Love music festivals and travel (once upon a time) but found there's lots to explore in my own backyard too... even the Inner West!

Interest: Camping and hiking have been familiar since i was a kid but have recently found focus and excitement in climbing. I've taken to canyoning, rogaine and kayaking too so i guess there's nothing i won't try!

Biggest Fear: Chossy rock scrambling before the climb... get me on a rope! (Thank goodness for safety lines)

Hana McMahon
Assistant Promotions Officer

About me: Practically never stepped foot outdoors until about a year ago… yet here we are. I love the social aspect of the club and the relationships you build while throwing yourself off a cliff.

Interest: Anything that requires problem solving, so especially bouldering and canyoning.

Biggest Fear: Not being able to breathe.