Susan So
The President should chair each meeting of the club as well as be the official spokesperson of the club and oversee and manage it's activities.
Phuong Ho
The Vice President should liaise with the President and take on part of the presidents responsibilities. If the President is unable to attend a meeting or can no longer be the President then the Vice President becomes the acting President until such times as the President returns or a new President is elected. Traditionally the VP also takes on the role of the President if they are unable to fullfill their duties.
James Millar
The Treasurer should attend each meeting bringing the current account, petty cash tin for small reimbursements. The Treasurer oversees the purchases of all club gear.
Tyler Nyan Paing Htun
Take minutes of meetings, collect (or organise the collection of) mail, present incoming correspondence and the previous meetings minutes to each meeting, deal with outgoing correspondence.
Angelo Rossi
Responsible for general IT/website issues or correspondence, including troubleshooting new website memberships.
Dushy De Silva
Quartermaster is responsible for the storage, loaning, care and maintenance of the bulk of the club equipment. The Quartermaster should be able to determine whether safety related equipment is safe for use.
Fiona Rowntree
Publicity Officer
The Publicity Officer liaises with the club and outside bodies in regards to events/promotions where the club is publicising itself e.g. O'day, articles in student newspapers, posters. The Editor edits as well as organizes the distribution of the club newsletters (mostly via email) and any other club documents. Newsletters are published on the 15th of each month.
Fiona Rowntree
Memberships Officer
The Membership officer liaises with the club and outside bodies in helping new members to get their account up and running and its always helping people at the ledge.
Denis Webber
Responsible for running/organising trips for club members such as abseil, rock climbing, canyons and others.
Declan Stockdale
Social Officer
The Social Officer is Responsible for social activities/promotions.
Gordon Wing-Lun
Internal Training Officer
Responsible for organising internal training such as introductory abseil, rock climbing and canyoning trips, etc.
Gordon Wing-Lun
External Training Officer
Organises the Remote First Aid training at the beginning of each year and allocating funds to trip leaders for external training.
Salomé Hussein
Deputy Webmaster