Matthew Diplock

About me: I'm about weird adventures, deep wilderness and cooking great food. Preferably all 3 when I can.

Interests: Hiking, Climbing, Mountaineering, Kayaking, Motorbikes, Caving and Wild Food

Biggest Fear: Going hungry

Richard Zhang
Vice President

About me: Travel bug, adrenaline junkie and safety nut who loves all things outdoors. Unhealthy obsession with food and all things medical related.

Interests: Climbing, abseiling, teaching, photography, 4wding, skiing, archery.

Biggest Fear: Spiders and FOMO

Megan Calder

About me: Can't sit still (unless it's for boardgames), so always looking and planning the next adventure. Can be bribed with food.

Interests: Hiking, climbing, camping, kayaking, snorkelling, dancing

Biggest Fear: The unknown & cockroaches

Johann Pai

About me: Trying to conquer fear by doing it; enjoying great adventures, fine food, and close friends who constantly mock each other; a bookworm who doesn’t care much about uni.

Interest: Climbing, Photography, Canyoning, Sitting around campfires with good friends, Travelling in different cultures, Skiing.

Biggest Fear: Not living my dream

Chris Augood

About me:  Medical researcher by weekday, outdoor adventurer by weekend. Really just love being outdoors surrounded by good company.

Interest: Canyoning, climbing, hiking and wilderness exploration.

Biggest Fear: Not living life to the full

Denis Webber
Safety Officer

About me: I love exploring isolated and secluded spots

Interest: Climbing, Hiking, Skiing, Mountaineering and Scuba-Diving 

Biggest Fear: Being unable to explore the outdoors

Sean Ealey
Members / Training Officer

About me: I'm a keen adventurer who enjoys visiting places not often seen by the public.

Interest: Rock Climbing, hiking, abseiling, camping, kayaking, fishing and anything else that sounds cool.

Biggest Fear: Leeches, those things are terrifying.