Our club was created so its members could be exposed to the wonders of nature and the great outdoors through activities requiring specific skills to safely take part in. These activities are made up of:

  • Abseiling
  • Canyoning
  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking
  • Ice Climbing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Snorkeling
  • Snow Shoeing
  • Camping

The problem with this is the majority of our members at the time of signing up to the club don’t have the skills needed to take part in our trips. How did UTSOAC overcome this hurdle? We developed our own skills courses so we could teach our club members what to do and do it the right way. We achieved this through the development of our internal structured and formalised training. In 2002 the clubs first skills curriculum was introduced creating the foundation for the safety standards we operate under today.

These skills trips, the equipment required to take part in them and the instructors are included in your annual membership fee. That’s right, you won’t be charged anything extra to take part in them. Why do we provide these services free of charge? Our club  is not for profit with our dedicated Trip Leaders, Seconders and committee members living for the outdoors and we want to introduce you to it!

We offer 11 skills courses to our club members which are taught by our experienced Trip Leaders and their Seconders.


Abseil Skills 1. The beginner basics of how to abseil.

Abseil Skills 2. Abseil anchor building and advanced abseil skills.

Abseil Skills 3. Advanced abseiling skills.

Bouldering Skills. The beginner basics of how to boulder outdoors.

Rock Skills 1. The beginner basics of how to rock climb outdoors.

Rock Skills 2. Rock climbing anchor building and rock climbing related skills.

Rock Skills 3. Advanced rock climbing skills.

Improvised Rope Rescue 1. Rope rescue skills.

Improvised Rope Rescue 2. Rope rescue skills.

Improvised Rope Rescue 3. Rope rescue skills.

Mountain Bike Skills. The beginner basics of how to ride a mountain bike outdoors.

Navigation Skills. The beginner basics of how to navigate outdoors using a map and compass.


So who trains our Trip Leaders? Well for starters not everyone has the ability of becoming a Trip Leader so all ‘recommendations’ must first be nominated by our senior Trip Leaders. These recommendations will go on to take part in our clubs Trip Leader Induction Course covering the responsibilities our Trip Leaders take on.

Club members recommended for the role of Trip Leader must either:

  • Posses and demonstrate a working knowledge of the skill set for the activities they wish to lead along with a safe approach to the environment they’ll be operating in.
  • Posses the base knowledge of the skill set required to lead trips in the field of their interest and be willing to build upon that skill set through our Trip Leader training courses.

Once recommendations have completed the Trip Leader Induction Course they’ll start by seconding trips and skills courses under the direct supervision of qualified Trip Leaders. When Seconders have been identified as being capable to organise and safely lead club activities they’ll start running their own adventures for the club.