Life time memberships are rewarded to those club members who accept and perform the committee position of President. The Presidents role is demanding and involves much dedication and discipline when fulfilling its requirements.

UTSOAC Presidents and Life Time Members –¬†What you did yesterday made the club what it is today

Stuart Warren

Scott McPherson

Martin Pfiel

Mark Agnew

Max Pagnin

Susanna Cheng

Rhett Hamilton-Smith

Sarah Legaspi

Vanessa Rathborne

Ben Ball

Emmanuel Freudenthal

Ellen Braybon

Sharon Swanson

Marty Middlebrook

Cameron Newman

Greg Myhill

Pat Nolan

Karena Shell

Darran Wu

Danny Tan

Dariusz Kordonski

Brendon Flanagan

Jake Griffiths

Brad Boundy

Nicole Mealing

David Perry

Patrick Lao

Susan So

Phoung Ho

James Millar

Matt Diplock

Life Time Membership may also be granted to those who perform an exemplary service to our club

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German Castro Donoso

Ronald Sandoval