UTSOAC runs a wide variety of adventures taking its members to some beautiful yet physically challenging environments.  These adventures wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated contributions from our skilled Trip Leaders and their Seconders.

Keeping these locations in mind the OAC  ensures all Trip Leaders and their Seconders (assistants) possess the required skills to safely lead trip participants on these adventures. We achieve this level of safety through the facilitation of formal internal training using our industry expert designed curriculum’s. UTSOAC also incorporates professional external training agencies to up-skill our Trip Leaders and other club members including Remote Area First Aid training.

Trip Leaders are approved by our committee members using the feedback from senior Trip Leaders. Prior to being nominated all potential candidates must undertake our Trip Leader induction course educating and informing them on the responsibilities and roles of the Trip Leader. This is explained in more detail on the Skills Training For All Club Members page.

Our club facilitates two forms of trips for its members which are posted via our website. These trips are Club Trips and Private Trips which only an approved Trip Leader may post trips via the clubs website.

UTSOAC takes the role and responsibilities of its Trip Leaders seriously. If a Trip Leader or nominated Trip Leader is identified as unsuitable for this responsible role they are informed by the committee with the recommendation for either further training or notify them as not being suitable for the role.

Susan So
James Millar
Salomé Hussein
Matt Diplock
Ronni Onggo
Phuong Ho
Angelo Rossi
Gordon Wing-Lun
Marta Khomyn
Suhail Samad
Tsung-Yu Pai
Richard Zhang
Christopher Augood
Dushy De Silva
Callum Clarke
Fabio Henriques
Cedric Le Gentil
Tyler Htun
Denis Webber
Nicole Sun
Gabriel Cox
Liron Israeli
Daniel Chan
Vladi Rosolova
Patrick Lao
Alex Lo
Umida Muminova
Ronald Sandoval
Nicolo Zappulla
Matt Heffernan
Max Pagnin
Adam Black
Nam Giang
Chris Buck
Aiden Brennan
Adam Zammit
Jarvis Mumford-Day
Wally Galloway
Gustavo Gambarini
Foster Langbein
James Carr
Roy Glick
Nicole Mealing
Nuwan Munasinghe
Evan McMahon
Jessica Sanders
Stephanie Spragg
Toby Horne
Thomas Gleeson-Stanley
Nikhil Marda
Zoe Britton-Harper
Olivia Zurek
Franziska Genter
Oliver Lowe
Ben Ellis
Hana MacMahon
Vera Alag
Aminah Rahman
Alexander Sitkowski
Birger Wenner
Ehren Holgersson
Gemma Altinger
Majid Majidi
Matthew Carr
Megan Calder
Sammy Lim
Sean Ealey
Sunil Vijay
Mukessh Alagesan
Fiona Rowntree
Lewis Chesworth
Sally Wu