Mushroom Foraging Skills @ Belangelo/Penrose Forest

Howdy Foodie Folks,

It’s Autumn time and we are going mushroom foraging at Belangelo/Penrose State Forest.

Due to popularity, we are running another one.
Want to learn:

  • How do you distinguish between a Saffron Milkcap and a Slippery Jack?
  • To cook them up for a delicious group lunch?

Then come along for some Shroomy goodness!

Beware, Fungi are sensitive organisms, they appear when the temps and moisture levels are ideal.
This trip is weather-dependent.
Sometimes we may hit the jackpot other times it’s scarce pickings…We cannot guarantee an abundant harvest…but we’ll make do with cider, cheese, and bread for lunch…

Personal gear to bring:

@Keen hunting eyes and senses, otherwise hunting pigs and dogs are welcome
@Warm clothes
@Enclosed walking shoes.
@Carry basket or stiff bag to collect your fungi
@Sharp knife
@Good crusty Bread, cheese, chocolate, Italian beverage to go with.
@Eating and Drinking Implements
@Usual sun protection and enough H20 for the day.

Cars and drivers are placed first in the queue.

Previous years harvest


This activity is fully booked.