Frequently Asked Questions


Where will club trips take me?

Everywhere outdoors. Most trips occur within one/two hours drive of the Sydney CBD although we do venture to other areas of Australia as well as trips to New Zealand, Tasmania and China.

Our adventures typically take us to Sydney bush walks, the Blue Mountains, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, the Royal National Park, Nowra and the Snowy Mountains.

What should I bring on a trip?

As trips are posted the Trip Leader will advise what you’re required to bring. For every trip you should be prepared for hot & wet weather so layers is always a good idea (several thin items as opposed to one heavy jumper)

  • Sturdy shoes & woollen socks.
  • Two litres of water in a refillable bottle.
  • A change of clothes for the ride home. Nothing worse than wearing dirty, damp or wet clothing when you don’t have to.
  • One thing that comes in handy on OAC trips is a head torch in case it gets dark. Many club trips have been scheduled to finish well before dark but end up running late with members arriving back at cars hours after the sun has gone down. It all adds to the adventure really

What’s the best way I can get started doing outdoors stuff?

Assess your fitness, stamina and how ‘exciting’ you want the experience to be. UTS OAC run a variety of trips for all levels. Start with an ‘introduction to…’ and take it from there. If you’re at all interested in climbing come along to a UTS OAC club night at The Ledge Climbing Centre on a Monday and one of our Trip Leaders or an executive can assess your skills and give recommendations on trips to join.

Do I have the required experience for the trip?

There’s only one way to find out if you have the required experience to join one of our trips, make contact with the Trip Leader and ask.

I’m quite experienced; do I need to do any beginner courses?

Anyone with experience knows that you can’t take everyone’s word on face value. There are a lot of risks involved in our activities and trust needs to be earned. The best advice is to join trips and chat to Trip Leaders or executives. If you’re as good as you say you are we’ll know!

What happens if I get hurt on a trip?

Every trip will have a first aid kit be it a club or privately owned one. Each trip should also have a qualified first aid member on it and this person/people will be identified at the beginning of every trip. If you injure yourself notify any club member on your trip immediately and ask for the first aid qualified member or Trip Leader to see to your injury. The emergency numbers used in Australia are:

  • 000 which is the primary number used and can be called from any phone.
  • 112 which is a secondary number and operates the same as 000.
  • 106 which is for people with a hearing or speech impediment.

If you have further questions you can contact the National Relay Service Help Desk (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm AEST).

If I sprain my ankle or strain a muscle where can I get affordable quality treatment?

Five Dock Physio will look after you. Their wonderful staff support our clubs activities through its positive encouragement of people maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Speak to the owner Jason Power who will provide you with high quality treatment for only $50 per session. Present your club membership card at time of payment to receive this discounted price. To organise an appointment call 9713-4284 and mention your club membership. The OAC thanks Five Dock Physio for supporting our club, our adventures and active life styles!

Can I help run trips?

All Trip Leaders need to be verified by the committee before leading any trips. Trip Leaders require substantial experience and training so if this is you come and talk to one of our executives.

Trips don’t happen without enthusiastic Trip Leaders! There are some great incentives with becoming a Trip Leader so sign up to a Trip Leader Induction Night when it’s posted and find out more.

Where can I get outdoor gear?

Kent Street behind Town Hall Train Station is the ideal place to start your outdoor shopping experience. Located in the heart of Sydney you’ll find over 14 outdoor adventure shops specialising in a wide variety of equipment and gear. The OAC members obtain discounts on all purchases with the following stores upon presentation of your membership card (excludes any thing on sale already).

Do we get discounted entry fees to climbing gyms?

Yes we do! As members of UTSOAC we get discounted entry fees to the following indoor climbing gyms:

Thanks for reading all this info and welcome to the club!