Perform Vertical Rescues (Advanced/Leader) – 2 Tuesday Theory Nights plus 1 Day Practical

Need to brush up (or learn) vertical rescue skills? This course is based on the Perform Vertical Rescues curriculum (SISORSC002) and runs over three sessions (1st North Sydney Scout Hall and Wahroonga Rocks).


Prereqs: You should have completed Abseils Skills 1 and 2, and be oddly drawn to rigging roping systems.

Note from salome: Preference will be given to experienced and active trip leaders (i.e. TL guidelines for what constitutes active).

We’ll be working to Grant Prattley’s “Rope Rescue & Rigging Field Guide” (we’ll have a few copies on hand to look at).

Programme (it’s not actually 12 days, the website just isn’t flexible enough to do the below):

1900-2130 Tue May 7th AND May 14th  @ 1st North Sydney Scout Hall — You will be expected to execute skills from AS2 first thing on the first night, and may be asked to leave or practice aside from the group if you cannot demonstrate competence.
o How to rescue, rescue load
o Vertical mobility
– Prusiking
– Knot pass
– Ascend to descend to ascend
o Hauling systems
– Simple/compound/complex
– Raise to lower to raise

0800-1600 Sat May 19th @ Wahroonga Rocks (meet in carpark)
After a group practice, you will:
– Put into practice what we covered on Tue nights
– Perform two rescues of conscious person (raise & lower)
– Perform two self-rescues

If there’s time, we can cover material from the Perform Complex Vertical Rescues (SISORSC002) unit (pick-offs & traverse rescues).

There will be lots of gear to play with. Please bring your own as well if you have it.

Brought to you by salome & stu.


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