Our club was created so its members could be exposed to the wonders of nature and the great outdoors through activities requiring specific skills to safely take part in.   We provide both internal training and external training to our members so they can safely take part in all our clubs adventures!

Many activities require training before members can participate safely; examples of skilled adventurous activity include but aren’t limited to…

  • Abseiling
  • Canyoning
  • Mountain Biking
  • Navigation
  • Rock Climbing
  • Camping

And many more as time goes on…

Most new members don’t have the skills needed to take part in these trips. OAC has its own skills courses on offer, instructed by endorsed and experienced Trip Leaders*.

These skills trips, the equipment required to take part in them, and the instructors are included in your annual membership fee.

Below are the current courses we have provided in recent years (under review, Q1 2023).

As a general rule, most of the introductory level courses are posted at the start of term near O’day, and more advanced trips occur later in the year as needed/requested.

  • Abseil Skills 1/2: 


Beginner abseiling techniques, anchor building and assessment, self-rescue

  • Rock Skills 1:

Beginner, 1-day

Introduction to top roping

  • Rock Skills 2:

Intermediate, 1-day

anchor assessment/construction/cleaning.

  • Learn to Lead Climb (i.e. Rock Skills 3):

Intermediate, 1-day

Introduction to sport (lead) climbing on fixed protection (carrots/bolts).

  • Multipitch Skills(i.e. Rock Skills 4)

Advanced, 1.5 day (includes a theory night)

Multi-pitch climbing

  • Trad Skills

Advanced, 2-day

Lead climbing while placing natural protection.

  • Perform Vertical Rescues and Perform Complex Vertical Rescues:

Intermediate, advanced, 1-2 day each

Vertical rescue, self-rescue and guiding.

  • Navigation Skills

Beginner, 1-day

Basics of how to navigate outdoors using a map and compass, on track and off track.

  • Paddle Skills 1:

Beginner, 1-day

Flatwater and protected ocean bodies (i.e. the Sydney Harbour)

Introduction to self-rescue and rolling (kayaks)

  • Paddle Skills 2:

Intermediate, 2-day

Paddle up to Grade 2 Whitewater

Introduction to swiftwater awareness and rescue



In addition, there are sometimes one-off workshops when leaders get the inspiration to try something new. These can be camp cooking, snorkelling, mushroom foraging, rogaining, fishing… sky’s the limit.


*Contact the current safety officer if you’re curious about the process of becoming one of our leaders.