[FULL] No Pain, No Gain: Beginners Climbing Trip to Bangor

Have you recently been exposed to outdoor climbing and can’t get enough? Did Rock Skills inspire you to get some climbing shoes that you want to try outside? Are you perhaps also looking to get over the fear factor?

We will be running a beginners climbing trip to Bangor West crag which is made up of a variety of climbs graded from 13 – 20+ (https://www.thecrag.com/en/climbing/australia/sutherland/area/13083847) This trip is for those who have done Rock Skills 1 and are looking for some more outdoor experience. If you have also completed Lead Skills 1, this is a great opportunity to get over ‘The Fear’ on some easy routes.

Please let us know your climbing experience in the sign up information (how often, indoor/outdoor, skills trips completed). Blank entries will be rejected.

Gear required (club can provide):
– Helmet
– Harness + PAS
– Belay device + Carabiner

Climbing shoes are required, club cannot provide these.

Priority will be given to those with a car.

Sean, Alisa & Megan


Participants are closed for this activity.