Beyond The Dark: Trilogy of Bungonia Caves

Fine dust drifting in mid-air without any concerns, head not being able to turn freely, crawling with your arms and pushing with your feet in a confine space.

Join Wally and I on a secret dark mission to drag our limp bodies between Australian dragon’s teeth and fall into a well.

We will head down to Bungonia on Saturday morning and come back on Sunday evening. We will camp there overnight, which by the way, the best campground you will ever see. It has a shower and a kitchen.

We’re planning to do three caves, Blowfly, B4/B5, and Grill.

You must be comfortable with:
– Heights
– Enclosed spaces (tight spaces)
– Intimacy
– Guano (poop)
– Bats

You must have:
– Been witnessed rigging and ascending with devices by a club trip leader
– A high level of fitness
– Extensive abseiling experience (rope rescue preferred)
– Good vibes
– Hawaiian shirt
– Please describe your experiences in abseiling experiences and rope skills in the sign-up information

Club can provide:
– Harnesses + PAS
– Helmet
– TWO headtorches (minimum)
– Descenders
– Ascenders
– Camping equipment


Participants are closed for this activity.