Climbing – Bonnet Bay (CANCELLED)

Join Matt and I for a weekday climb at Bonnet Bay on Thursday 21/11/2019

Bonnet Bay has a mixture of easy to hard routes. Trip is open to anyone who has completed a minimum of rock skills 1. There will be plenty of top roping, as well as lead climbing opportunities (for those with demonstrated experience). There’s also a bunch of easy trad routes, so there may be the opportunity to experience some gear placement/retrieval whilst on top rope.

Please state:
1. Your experience
2. Gear required, please detail:
* If you need helmet, harness, belay device, PAS and associated biners.
* What of your own gear you will be bringing.

Please also tell us if you are able to drive, priority will be given to drivers.

We’ll organise transport and meeting point once we have finalised attendance and car options.



Participants are closed for this activity.