Discover the Hidden Gems: Stringybark Ridge & Zig Zag Creek (Beginner Friendly)!

Want to join us for an exhilarating 2.5-3h hike on the challenging Stringybark Ridge and Zig Zag Creek loop? This 6.6 km circuit offers a captivating journey through the beautiful landscapes of Berowra Valley Regional Park. Enjoy scenic views along Zig Zag Creek, trek through lush forests, and explore the remnants of the historic Thornleigh Quarry and Zig Zag railway on an optional side trip. With easy access via Thornleigh train station and cozy spots for coffee or a bite nearby, it’s the perfect adventure for a Sunday morning. Some of us will be there early for breakfast/brunch/lunch which you are welcome to come along to.

Difficulty: Hard track (4/6) difficulty rating according to WildWalks. However, it is a fairly short hike so don’t be discouraged! We will take our time. 🙂

Previous Experience: No previous experience required, but please let us know your hiking background, if any, when you sign up to ensure you’re prepared for the challenge. We haven’t set an exact time yet so feel free to also let us know if you have any other commitments on the day and we’ll try to avoid this!

Gear you will need:
Appropriate footwear (e.g. hiking boots or walking shoes, no flips flops etc must be enclosed)
Water (at least 2 liters)
Snacks and lunch
Sunscreen and hat
Rain/Wind jacket

Gear the club will provide:
Group first aid kit

Possible cost/expenses:
Train fare to and from Thornleigh Station, or fuel if driving
Optional coffee/snacks near Thornleigh Station

Looking forward to seeing you!
Liv, Kitty, Serena, & Rashad 🙂


Participants are closed for this activity.