[Expression of interest] Winter wonderland begins – Intro to snow camping

Summer is gone and my dreams of snorkelling and SUP have faded but those weather gods predict we may get our first snow in the next 10 days.
NOTE: Obviously this will be postponed if the snow doesn’t arrive.

Let’s prepare for the winter wonderland closer to home rather than visiting the Kosciuszko area each time there is a flurry i.e. Oberon/Lithgow/Barrington Tops/Canberra/Orange.

EXPERIENCE NEEDED: Previous overnight hiking experience, please list below. No list, no trip, sorry!

PLAN: Practice everything needed for snow shoeing and camping in the snow. Eg. Setup tents, making snow walls, test clothing layers, testing if our camping gear is sufficient for the temperatures, try out snow shoes, make a fire, make a snowman, take photos of the snow, etc

ITINERARY: We’ll do a short hike with our full pack AWAY from the cars with all our gear needed. Far away to practice lugging your pack and stimulating a real hike and all the dramas of wet or frozen gear. We’ll be able to hike out back to the car if necessary but we aren’t car camping. This will be a test run with gear of what works, what doesn’t work and what you really need and don’t need.

FUTURE PLAN: Be ready to do snow shoeing trips in Barrington Tops and Canberra with huts nearby as backup.

If you have a AWD or 4WD let me know as you might get dibs.


Participants are closed for this activity.