Geoguessr Round 2: Theme Night, Swords and Sorcery [POSTPONED to Friday]

G’day All,


Not along until we can get amongst things – we’re in the home stretch. But while we’re still home and not stretching, we can still “explore” from our couches.

I promised series winners and prizes, so I’m honor bound to make this a series. Expect more in the future.

Geoguessr is a browser game where you’re randomly dropped somewhere on Google earth, which is sort of like our Earth, but all the faces, license plates, and addresses are pixelated. We can do rounds together, or compete against one another. Much like the old game-show Whose Line is it Anyway, the points don’t matter so much as how entertaining you are. The theme this week is swords and sorcery – dress as something fantastical, make a magical cocktail, show off your (pg-rated) sword, or turn someone into a newt (so long as they get better).

I anticipate the usual suspects (on threat of owing me food at the Flodge) and suspect some other more-suspect people as well.

Pets and children allowed and mostly welcome. Compasses, maps, whistles, and gaiters also welcome.




Participants are closed for this activity.