Malaita Wall Abseiling [Trip changed from HITW Canyoning]

[The trip has been changed from HITW Canyon to Malaita Wall abseiling as the weather is still cold to do the canyon]

We have decided to go up to the mountains and do a simple but refreshing day out, Hole-in-the-Wall is an impressive canyon flowing into the north branch of Bungleboori Creek.

It features an upper and a lower section separated by a section of open creek. Both constrictions are of high quality. The canyon has a couple of short swims and wades and a reasonably dark section before a longer creek walking section

This is a stunning canyon. A moderate walk out so you must be fit.

For me one of the most interesting one I have done.

This is a beginner with abseiling skills trip (you must be fit), We’ll have a early morning start and be back at the cars by late afternoon, I’m expecting to do the canyon in 7-9 hours car to car, with a steep up walkout.

Gear will be provide by UTSOAC.



Participants are closed for this activity.