Improvised Rope Rescue Skills – Part 2 Hauling Systems

Hi Members,

Ok folks let’s try this again in dry fine weather…
This is the 2nd part of Improvised Rope Rescue as a continuation of Part 1, November 2020 session.
Participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice the following improvised rope rescue techniques.

Rescue objectives when there is no cavalry:
# Build and operate an assisted hoist
# Build and operate an unassisted hoist (also known as the Z-hoist or 3:1 hoist, and possibly 6:1 if the going gets tough, Prepare to sweat!

We’ll also be looking at releasable anchors scenarios and how to rescue a stuck rope pull-down situation!

@Participants will need to use the skills that they have learned in Abseil Skills 2, and have completed the part 1 component of Rope Rescue.
@Be able to rig anchors and rope for abseiling (in a natural setting); self-belay with friction knots; prusik up and down the rope.
@Highly recommended for members seeking to advance their ropes skills and upcoming trip leaders who want to run rope-related activities.

What to bring:
@Recommended to practice with your own personal gear
or state what gear you need in the appropriate sign-up comments
@The usual food, water, clothing, and sun protection.

Trip Location will be relayed to successful participants.

Can’t wait to see you all for some rope skills fun and practice.


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