Intermediate- ‘Muricah Day Climbing at Mt. Boyce

“Ooo-ohhh say can you seeeeee, by the dawn’s early liiiight?” – Star Spangled Banner

July 4th is “Independence Day” in my original country. That’s basically irrelevant because it’ll be July 3rd there, it’d be Summer – celebrated with fireworks and BBQs (not an Australian crag friendly affair), and I have very little affection left for that place at this point.

It makes a great theme for some winter climbing! Apple or cherry pie and red/white/blue.

James and I (Sam) are leading a trip to Mt. Boyce, near Blackheath, specifically the Abseil Gully and Afghan Wall:

Grades range from 8-22, with ethics a melange of trad, mixed, and sport. Because you can set ropes from the top, you do not need to lead sport or trad for many of those routes.

Where/when: July 4th, 6am departure from Sydney.

Skills Required (this is an abseil-in/climb-out crag)

  • Rock skills 2
  • Abseil Skills 2

It will be helpful if you’ve had experience with top belaying (preferably with a guide-mode configuration). If that was gibberish, don’t worry, we are willing to help out there.

Minimum gear required:

  • Personal protective – helmet, harness, PAS, belay device w/ carabiner.
  • Headlamp (I’m particularly adept at hassling us to wrap up before sundown, but there’s not much light at the moment).
  • WARM clothing

Please state your experience! Preference will go to those who do so (and/or those with vehicles).

Currently capping this at 12 max, pending the participation of another leader. It’s easy for us uni groups to accidentally¬†hog an area to ourselves if we get too big.



Participants are closed for this activity.