Make your own Prusiks and Prusiking Workshop-CANCELLED DUE EXTREME WEATHER!!!!

Hello Members,

Want to know how to ascend or descend on a rope manually using prusiks?
Do you need to make your own set of prusiks?
Want to learn how to self-belay yourself whilst abseiling?

This is an online session on all things prusiking.
Topics covered:

  • Hitches to use in prusiking
  • How to prusik up and down a rope
  • How to use an autoblock (french prusik) hitch for self-belaying
  • How to make your own set of personal prusiks for your height.

If you want to join along in making your own prusiks, please purchase beforehand 7 meters of 6mm cordelette from Climbing Anchors or Mountain Equipment and have a pair of scissors at hand.
You’ll be making 2 sets of waist, 1 foot prusik and an autobloc.


Participants are closed for this activity.