Navigation workshop (including Paddy Pallin 6hr Rogaine) Weekend

An amazing opportunity to learn navigation skills using topographical maps and a compass in a remote bush setting with expert navigators and rogainers.
The event is officially organized by Salome Hussein and Chris Stevenson under  the NSW Rogaining Association, the fees will also cover the cost of the Paddy Pallin 6-hour rogaine event following the 1-day navigation workshop.

Note: If you want to attend other future rogaine events, such as Navshield and 24hr NSW Champs, highly recommend you attend the workshop as we may not run another Nav workshop soon enough.

Cost: $140 full fee, $100 Student and concession
Where: Rydal – way out west past Lithgow
What: Navigation skills and rogaine event.
How long: 2-day weekend, and leaving Friday after work.

Who is this for?
Everyone who wants to improve their navigation skills is welcome. Subject to interest, we will run classes for the following skill levels:

  • Experienced
  • Limited experience
  • New to bush navigation
    We will have the country’s best rogainers on hand volunteering their time to help you improve your skills.

What skills will be covered?
We will cover the following skills (depending on current skill level)

  • Basic compass use
  • Understanding a map
  • Route planning
  • Night navigation
  • What to take on a rogaine
  • Elite rogainers will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

For those who are already confident in their Navigation skills and want to attend the Paddy Pallin event only, there will be a separate posting for that to follow, please sign up for that posting.




Participants are closed for this activity.