Rock Skills 1 @ Dam Cliffs

Are you tired of climbing plastic in the gym? Do you want to climb real rock? Well, this is the trip for you. We are going to the blue mountains to one of the most beautiful crags around (Dam Cliffs) and teach you all you need to know to climb outdoors. This trip is a requirement if you want to join more advanced climbing trips with the club and the first step in learning the skills to become a great climber.

We will teach:
* Safety around cliffs
* Belaying and communication
* Tying in to a rope with a figure 8

After the teaching is done we will climb a bunch.

Let us know in the sign-up information about your climbing experience e.g.: “Climb once a week at the ledge for two months, climbed a tree once while running from a drop bear”

We will bring all the gear you need.

Climbing shoes are not mandatory but advised.

See you at the crag,


Fabio Henriques


Participants are closed for this activity.