Rock Skills 1 – Introduction to outdoor climbing

Hi all,

To attend this trip you must meet the basic requirements:
– Your own climbing shoes
– Some indoor climbing experience (we strongly recommend being able to comfortably climb to at least 16 indoors)

This trip is an introduction to outdoor climbing. If you have some indoor climbing experience this trip is suitable for you. Those who have attained outdoor climbing experience are also welcome to join.

What we will cover:
– Communication between climber and belayer
– How to tie in using re-threaded figure 8 knot
– Hot to belay using a tube style device such as an ATC Guide
– Pre-climb safety checks
– Rock safety

Preference will be given to those who can drive and those who respond to emails quickly.

Nicole and I will be holding the event at Bangor.

We will notify the outcome of your application on 6 Dec 2019 via email.

Speak soon!


This activity is fully booked.